CARL Group – Ready to eat delicious and nutritious sweet potato bread 

Murakaza Neza – Welcome! 

The entire team safely arrived in Kigali, Rwanda, the country of a thousand hills, and met our partner, the CARL Group. The CEO, Regis Umugiraneza, focused on sharing with us the history of the company in more depth to strengthen our knowledge of their mission and help facilitate our collaboration.

* CEO of CARL Group sharing the history of the company

Established in 2014, CARL Group is a youth-led private company with eight employees.

*CARL Group financial accountant giving an overview of their finances

They produce and sell bread made from Orange-Fleshed Sweet Potatoes (OFSP) a bio-fortified sweet potato highly rich in beta-carotene, a precursor of Vitamin A. These products help to address the high levels of Vitamin A deficiency among young children and pregnant/lactating women in Rwanda. 

* Vita bread, the current unique product of CARL Group

CARL Group aims to focus on adding value to locally grown crops like cassava and OFSP to help alleviate nutritional deficiencies among vulnerable communities.They also seek to increase the income of smallholder farmers, promote commercial agriculture and support youth employment.

CARL Group sources its raw materials from individual farmers and cooperatives in the southern province in Rwanda, and also partners with various institutions for capacity strengthening and research purposes. The end products are processed daily by a highly qualified team of young visionaries. CARL sells the products in supermarkets and grocery stores across several neighborhoods in Kigali, primarily to low- and middle-income urban consumers.

Moving forward, the company plans to open stores in other parts of the country and reach more consumers nationwide. They are also looking forward to adding more products like sweet potato biscuits, pasta and cassava gluten-free bread to their production to reach a broader range of consumers.  

The SMART team is eager to collaborate with the CARL Group to develop a marketing and branding strategy, create record-keeping and financial management tools and offer insights into the human resource and operational strategy currently employed by CARL Group.

* The SMART team and Regis Umugiraneza, CEO of CARL Group in the bakery

We look forward to keeping you all posted.

Murakoze – Thank you!

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